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Noor Z. Pahlavi

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Noor Z. Pahlavi is an MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School with a professional background in commercial real estate investing. Noor and her family have long supported the democratic reform movement in Iran and she has been an outspoken advocate for human and women’s rights in Iran and the Middle East. Noor and her activism have been featured in publications such as Harpers’ Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Town & Country.

In 2017, Noor founded Acumen’s Young Benefactor’s Group to increase awareness of Acumen among young professionals and inspire the next generation of philanthropists to join the movement to change the way the world tackles poverty. The group hosts an annual Young Benefactors’ Bash fundraising event attended by hundreds of young professionals to celebrate and support Acumen.

As an Acumen Advisor, Noor contributes to fundraising strategy, building awareness for Acumen’s work and inspiring a culture of giving among her peers.