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Oluchi Okoroafor

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Oluchi Okoroafor is the Fellows Associate in West Africa. She brings extensive experience in program management, monitoring and stakeholder relations from organizations committed to addressing global challenges, promoting sustainable development, and driving social change.

In her previous role as Monitoring and Evaluation Executive at Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation, Oluchi adeptly managed grantee portfolios, overseeing over 40 organizations across various sectors and ensuring the successful execution of impactful initiatives. Her dedication to projects that advance sustainability in African societies has been a defining feature of her career, with her commitment extending to the realms of writing, where she contributed to research and articles in her areas of interest in development, conflict, security, and human rights. She ultimately strives to enhance the capacity for measuring impact and ensuring the long-term sustainability of social impact initiatives and leaders throughout Africa.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations with specializations in Diplomacy, Peacekeeping, and Security from the University of Birmingham (UK) and a BA in International Relations and Pre-Law from Oral Roberts University (US). Beyond work, Oluchi enjoys reading fiction, exploring art galleries, indulging in diverse cuisines and spending quality time with loved ones.