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Climate resilience

Man carefully picks berries from trees in East African farm

We turn vulnerability into opportunity for people living at the intersection of poverty and climate change.

Our impact

people reached with clean energy solutions
tonnes Co2 emissions avoided by our energy portfolio
lives improved through climate resilient agriculture

Investing in resilience in a climate of uncertainty

The climate crisis is expected to push more than 125 million people into extreme poverty by 2030. We focus on solutions that build economic and climate resilience for those on the frontlines.

Our energy portfolio focuses on providing off-grid electricity access, delivering solar-powered appliances, and building clean energy infrastructure.

We help farmers and rural families increase incomes to withstand climate shocks by investing in cutting-edge solutions like distributed renewables and regenerative agriculture.

We invest in companies developing solutions to reduce food waste, mitigate deforestation, increase biodiversity, and re-imagine waste management.

Woman smiles while holding solar powered light in her East African home
Woman carefully pours milk into a plastic bottle next to an open Koolboks refrigeration unit in her West Africa home
Two women talk while tending to active bee hives in India

We put people and planet at the center of our work.

Across energy, agriculture, and workforce, we create investment strategies designed to break the cycle of poverty and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

Partnering for impact

Creating change at scale stems from the power of community. We achieve more when we work together.

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Acumen investees and S$S technologies founders graciously accept the coveted Earthshot Prize
The Earthshot Prize

World-changing climate solutions

Two Acumen-backed companies, Kheyti and S4S Technologies, have been named finalists for the prestigious Earthshot Prize, each receiving £1 million to scale their solutions.