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Farmer's hands hold ripe red peppers in a greenhouse enclosure

We invest in scalable agribusinesses that improve the lives of smallholder farmers through market access and climate adaptation support.

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  • Agriculture
  • East Africa
  • India
  • Latin America
  • West Africa

Over five years, our goal is to help smallholder farmers and food systems flourish.

will be deployed for agricultural solutions
companies will be supported on their journeys
lives will be reached with improved services
of farmers will see increased incomes

Agribusinesses working together for smallholder farmers

We invest in four business models that help farmers with market access, land tenure, high-quality inputs, extension, infrastructure and equipment, and finance.

Aggregators, processors, cooperatives, and vertically-integrated brands that source from smallholders to improve their resilience and support regenerative farming

Supporting regenerative production and yield improvements, including the provision of or facilitation of market access and offtake

Providing adaptation finance and insurance that facilitate climate resilience and access to other system elements while leveraging technology to reach smallholder farmers at scale

Logistics providers, storage facilities, packaging, and first- and last-mile distribution that reduce supply chain waste and drive value to smallholder farmers

Group of workers spray pesticides in a West African crop field
Women spread feed for chickens in a East African chicken farm
Farmer Spreads coffee beans on drying rack in Colombia
Two men inspect and sort coconuts while sit and standing on a large mound of coconuts

Resilient. Farmers. Investing to Overcome the Climate Crisis

This report shares farmers’ perspectives on climate change and agricultural platform offerings so agribusinesses and investors can help smallholder farmers become climate resilient.

Two men walk across flooded field along Lake Naivasha, Kenya